PAe - new tool LUCIA for coordination in the management of incidents
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New update of the tool LUCIA for coordination in the management of incidents

12 january 2016

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With LUCIA is intended to facilitate the organisations that are to be seconded from an exchange of reliable information and improving the effective coordination with all of them, as well as the management processes and automation of tasks. The collaboration of the agencies concerned of the system, your comments and proposals for improvement, are being fundamental to the various updates that are taking place.

The CCN-CERT has published a new update of st. LUCIA, the tool for coordination in the management of incidents. It is LUCIA REV2.2 which includes improvements in the procedures implemented in the early warning system (SAT), as well as the comments reported by the agencies that were using it (currently, over 155 organizations that subscribe to SAT SARA and SAT-INET, as well as other agencies that have come to your installation). In fact, thanks to the comments and proposals for improvement, will be rolled out new functionality to the tool in the coming weeks.

Furthermore, are already available the following Guides CCN-STIC:

  • CCN-STIC 845A - LUCIA user Manual.
  • CCN-STIC 845B - LUCIA. Manual de usuario para gestión de incidentes SAT
  • CCN-STIC 845C - LUCIA installation Manual.
  • CCN-STIC 845D - LUCIA administration Manual.

LUCIA, based on the issue tracker system Request Tracker (RT) and its extension for response to incidents Request Tracker for Incident Response (RT-IR), has been tailored to meet the requirements and procedures and CCN-CERT aligned with the implementation of national security Scheme (NHIS).

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