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Updated the code of the BOE E-government

09 february 2016

On 4 february has now been published a new version of the code of the BOE E-government. Has been completed with regard to transparency and access to public information, electronic judicial administration and the recent resolution on the system Cl@ve.

The updating of E-government code (Opens in new window) the BOE includes two new chapters; one on “ transparency and access to public information ” which includes act 19/2013, of 9 december, of transparency, access to public information and good governance; and another on “ electronic judicial administration ” with the law 18/2011, of 5 july, regulating the use of information and communication technologies in the administration of justice, the royal decree 396/2013, of 7 june, which regulates the technical Committee of the electronic judicial administration, the royal Decree No. 1065/2015, of 27 november, on electronic communications in the administration of justice in the territorial scope of the ministry of justice and which regulates the system and the Order LexNET JUS/1126/2015, of 10 june, creating the electronic judicial headquarters for the territorial scope of the ministry of justice.

It is also included in the identification, electronic signature and representation ” resolution of 14 december 2015, in the direction of information and communication technologies, establishing the technical requirements necessary for development and implementation of the system Cl@ve.

The E-government code (Opens in new window) it is a compendium of legislation relating to electronic administration. Includes the basic law of the item, together with other related issues. It consists of the following subparagraphs:

  • E-government
  • Identification, electronic signature and representation
  • Electronic records
  • Electronic reporting
  • Technical standards for interoperability
  • The verification system of data
  • Administrative recruitment and use of electronic means
  • Invoice
  • Social security
  • Transparency and access to public information
  • Reuse of public sector information
  • Digital communication
  • Official gazette
  • Accessibility
  • Data protection
  • Electronic Judicial Administration

It is available on the website of the official gazette of the state, for direct consultation in web and for download in PDF and ePUB, in the following link:

http://www.boe.es/legislation/codes/codigo.php? id = 029 _ Code _ of _ Management _ Electronica = 1 (Opens in new window)

This editorial product is free in your digital version and is also available for purchase. Is constantly updated and reported to the stakeholders who subscribed to this code in services A la carte BOE (Opens in new window) .

The E-government code (Opens in new window) and its updates are the result of the close collaboration between the management of information and communications from the MINHAP and website.

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