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Available on the Annual Report "the networked society 2014"

22 september 2015

The Ministry of industry, energy and tourism has submitted the annual report prepared by the National Observatory of telecommunications and the information society (ONTSI).

The Ministry of industry, energy and tourism has today presented the annual report entitled “ the networked society 2014 ” prepared by the National Observatory of telecommunications and the information society (ONTSI). The state secretary for Telecommunications and for the information society, the director-general of Red.es Registrar and the director of the ONTSI has led to the main data in the study.

The publication collects numerous national and international indicators on the degree of penetration of information and communication technologies (ICT), and consolidates itself as a key element in the follow-up to the Digital Agenda in Spain (Opens in new window) .

The data to note from the 8th edition of the report, it should be noted the increase in corporate governance in mobility between smes and large companies. Among the latter solutions cloud reaches a penetration of 34.9 per cent.

In addition, for the fourth consecutive year, the mobile broadband rose steeply between smes and large companies and between micro-enterprises, obtaining a penetration of 78.3 per cent and 66.4 per cent, respectively.

It is also noteworthy is the significant growth in the penetration of tablets and smartphones in homes and the spanish population. The use of smart phones has increased by 5.6 percentage points and it has risen to 59.3 per cent of individuals, while the tablets grow 7.3 percentage points, with a Penetration rate 35.8 per cent in households.

“ the networked society 2014 ” begins with a chapter devoted to ict access in the various regions of the world, followed by another focused on the main ratios of the european union, without losing sight of the objectives set in the Digital Agenda for europe.

The report continues with a comprehensive analysis on the ict sector and digital content in Spain, the Digital Agenda in Spain, the ict equipment in the company and the spanish homes, as well as the implementation of the E-government. Ends with a chapter devoted to the main technological trends that affect the immediate future of ict.

Focusing on chapter 10 on the administration, were understood as Spain is positioned as one of the public administration online .

The entry into force of the law of transparency, access to public information and good governance and the implementation of the Transparency of the government of Spain, which gives access to over 530,000 records of public information, have contributed to the fact that Spain is the leader of the european Union with a 99% of eadministración available.

According to data from the Observatory of E-government (OBSAE) december 2014, in 2013 99% of procedures and services of the General state administration (AGE) have available the option of electronic workflow. 76.2 per cent of the processing under the AGE is done through The Internet, compared to 23.8 per cent, which are conducted in person.

In addition, spain is the fourth country in the European Union in terms of availability of electronic administration services to citizens and businesses (91.3 per cent), which is 16.1 points higher than the european average and 0.4 points of increase in relation to 2013.

In response to the demand for services of eadministración, 49 per cent of spanish citizens aged 16-74 age group made use of electronic administration, an increase of 5.5 percentage points and puts Spain two percentage points above the european average.

In the case of companies, the percentage that use of electronic administration increases by one percentage point and reached 91.1 per cent. The percentage of firms that use the E-government varies according to company size, from 66.2 per cent in the case of micro-enterprises to 99 per cent in large companies.

On the reuse of information in the public sector, in Spain some 494 companies infomediarias in 2013, which spawned a turnover estimated at between 450 and the eur 500 million. Furthermore, the open data portal of the government of spain in november 2014 with 6.460 datasets from 78 public agencies.

With regard to the momentum of E-government, the ministry of justice continues with its Plan of Action of the 2012-2015 SGAJ, which provides for this year 59.2 million euros, a 26 per cent more than a year earlier, the technological modernization of justice. The objectives of the Programme for 2015 contained the momentum of the beijing platform for interoperability to ensure the compatibility of management systems of the individual territories, the implementation of the electronic case file and improve throughput times through ict.

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