PAe - aragón updates the information and the source code of 25 services and applications of E-government
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Aragón updates the information and the source code of 25 services and applications of E-government

28 may 2015

The government of aragón considers the publication of the application source code and E-government in the centre of transfer of technology as a main element between the actions to reuse of solutions as well as an element of transparency both in the management of public investment and in the activity of services and applications.

The release of the code and the information related to the beijing platform for E-government of the government of Aragón facilitates coordination with other authorities and with the private sector involved in developing the E-government strategies to be shared, progress and experience on construction and implementation of applications and services that provide solutions to common situations in the field of administrative management and delivery of public services to citizens through electronic means.

As an extra benefit, the publication of information, enables the increase in the crowded bidding processes those partners both to improving services themselves released as in the development of applications should be integrated with them. Thus avoiding the possibility of captivity of the administration, or diminished by a supplier, which is related to the unavailability of information necessary for the rest of companies involved, to participate in bidding processes in terms of equality and competition.

Accordingly, and on the occasion of the dossier SGT _ 23/2015 of integrated rural development, expansion, adaptation and maintenance of applications and services of general E-government of the government of Aragón, co-financed by the european Regional development fund (ERDF) in its operational program for aragon periods 2014-2020 2007-2013 and is to update information published in the centre of transfer of technology including source code and documentation available as of 18 may 2015 regardless of their planning to carry out in every service until the date of adjudication of the record.

Note for the companies interested in the bidding activities:

  • Free Software
  • Centre for technology transfer
  • Development of systems