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New technical note: Brokering OBSAE data collection in the Autonomous Communities

31 march 2015

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The Autonomous Communities large consumers in the beijing platform for brokering.

The services of verification and checking of data Brokering platform of Data an initiative which enables the citizens do not have to provide certificates indicating the data you already are on file with the administrations, to be replaced by the data exchange between these internal. Enables homogenously, standardized and procedimentada access to all structured data, according to the formatting SCSPv3 specification records, primary, contacting the AAPP special emphasis on the control of authorisations and audits of assignments of data collection efforts

Enables both consultations with the express consent of the citizen as queries by law, i.e. when a law exempts assignee of the agency to have to seek the consent to be able to consult the data.

The year 2014 has been a good year in the consolidation and provision of services in the beijing platform for brokering, which have reached the 45 services offered by more than 15 different releasing . During 2014, more than 37 million data transmissions by more than 160 transferees agencies .

The autonomous communities have undertaken data transmissions 9.764.351 during the year 2014, meaning that a 26,28 per cent dealt with by the beijing platform for Brokering data collection.

In the new technical note OBSAE " Brokering of data in the autonomous communities "completes the information regarding the use of the platform in the autonomous communities and the various existing models for the consumption of data.

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