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Open area of dissemination of Electronic Forum

22 july 2015


With this space available in the CTT advertises opened to the public and the agreements and measures agreed in the electronic forum that brings together public and business sector.

Given the broad scope of the invoice and in order to combine the vision of the public administration and the business sector, the ministry of finance and public authorities, established the forum of invoice in which they are represented by both public and Private Sector.

In this forum was presented and discussion on the current situation of the invoice, options for improvement and progress in the short, medium and long-term plan for the full integration of the invoice in buying processes of public administrations.

In order to publicize and to open up the agreements and measures agreed in that forum, establishing this outreach space where they can find from the members that compose it up to the agreements reached at the various meetings of the forum.

The area of disclosure Electronic forum it is available in the centre of technology transfer.

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