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Working session and new entrants to the forum CPP-RISP.

28 january 2015

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The Public-Private Partnerships in the area of re-use of public Sector information (CPP-RISP Forum), held yesterday in the Registrar, has reviewed the progress achieved and consensual new proceedings, in the four lines of work defined: legislative framework, sectoral partnerships, international partnerships and dissemination actions and momentum.

By the private sector, the association attended AMETIC (Multisectoral Partnership of companies of electronics, information and communication technologies, telecommunications and content); Adigital (asociación española de Digital Economy); ASEDIE (Multisectoral Partnership information), the CTIC foundation, run by the european project ePSIplatform; as well as representatives of the forum, CPP-TIC.

They have been involved representatives of four new cadres recently incorporated: the conference of rectors of universities In Spain (CRUE); the spanish network of Intelligent Cities (RECI); the spanish federation of municipalities and provinces (FEMP), as well as, the working group of the committee's RISP Sectoral E-government of Autonomous Communities, coordinated by the basque country.

The forum CPP-TIC as coordinator of the proceedings in relation to the legal framework, has presented the progress in the collection and analysis of the spanish regulations and the european Union applicable to the reuse of public sector information (RISP), as well as a first draft recommendations to adjust public procurement to the guidelines established in the area of RISP.

The team Provides consisting of MINETUR, MINHAP and registrar, has submitted the following key results in the line of work aimed at boosting sectoral partnerships. Highlights including the Methodological guide for open access initiatives sectoral key document for the development of an initiative of open data from a collaborative approach on a specific theme.

Finally, in the field of international collaborations and dissemination actions and impetus has been presented a preview of the map of RISP initiatives in spain, which will be available in the coming weeks and has proposed to the collaboration of forum members in different project s. among them to mention the workshop organized by the Thematic Network share-psi 2.0, whose purpose is to identify best practices both in public sector information, as of cultural heritage or scientific data and trade, as well as the Project, Open Data monitor, a pan-european initiative to identify and characterize the public data sets available in 25 european countries

The meeting had concluded with a commitment to continue to jointly this ongoing dialogue between the public and private sectors, to be understood as the most appropriate way to continue working towards fostering a dynamic ecosystem around the data to ensure the realization of the economic and social benefits of the opening of data, both public and private.

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