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AENOR is submitting the first standard for smart cities

28 january 2015

AENOR (spanish association for Standardization and certification) has published the first standard for smart cities, UNE 178301 on Open Access (Open Data), which establishes the requirements for the reuse of these data produced or supervised by the public sector.

The standard UNE 178301 Intelligent Cities. Open Database (OPEN DATA) (Opens in new window) it is the first rule that establishes a set of requirements, for the reuse of open or Open Data prepared or supervised by the public sector, in the field of smart cities.

Open data establishing mechanisms for transparency and improve interoperability between the administration and partners, thus increasing the speed, access to information and, therefore, the intelligence of cities.

UNE 178301 facilitates the re-use of data produced or supervised by the public sector (open data) to the beneficiaries of such information, such as suppliers of public services or citizens, taking into account the implementation of the law on protection of personal data.

In addition serves as a reference to the administration in the implementation and management of data projects open.

On the other hand, assesses the maturity of the project open database of the city, thanks to smart indicators and metrics relating to sustainability, quality, effectiveness and efficiency of the project.

AENOR, in collaboration with the secretariat of state of telecommunications and for the information society (SETSI) of the ministry of industry, energy and tourism has deployed the technical committee for AEN/CTN 178 “ intelligent cities ”. Develops a strategy of standardization to intelligent cities and in this way help to address the issues related to their development.

This rule represents the first in a series of documents to enable cities evoluciónar being transformed into intelligent cities, cities that apply icts. this way, improves the quality of life and accessibility of its inhabitants and ensures sustainable development of economic, social and environmental permanently growing.

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