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New technical note of the telephone OBSAE: unified the citizen - phone 060

29 april 2015

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The consolidation of the telephones of citizen attention in the area of the General state administration

The phone 060 is submitted in 2006 to provide citizens with the information of the services of the General state administration centrally and connect with mobile citizen other administrations.

In its infancy, 060 provided information on issues common to several ministries. However, seeking to meet the objective to create, begins to establishing agreements multi-departamentales to provide further information and procedures. Examples include the takeover of general access to the ministry of Interior or the administrative information on trafficking in the DGT, whose agreements were signed in 2008.

In 2013, published the lines of action identified by the commission for public administrative reform (hereinafter CORA). Among them one devoted to the telephone 060. The objective of this measure is twofold: on the one hand to simplify access to information and services via the telephone attention: avoiding the current need to identify the different numbers of public administrations and called upon to establish as many applicants to procedures.

In the new technical note OBSAE further information is given on action taken in this process and the objectives achieved.

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