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Cl@ve is awarded the prize for the best security project in CNIS

23 april 2015

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The project, electronic identity cl@ve for administrations, received in the activity of the national congress of Innovation and public services - CNIS, an award for best consolidated security project in the 5th edition of the CNIS awards.

Cl@ve it is the common platform of the public Sector Administrative State for the identification, authentication and electronic signature, through the use of keys, concerted open for use by all public administrations. Cl@ve is a system designed to harmonize and simplify electronic access of citizens to public services, allowing them to identify themselves to the administration through concerted keys (user password), without having to remember different keys for accessing the various services.

This is a collaborative project in which for the construction and provision of service are working together various actors:

  • Directorate of information and communications service as a responsible and offering intermediadora gateway and information.
  • The Social Security system offering permanent cl@ve.
  • National tax administration agency giving the system of cl@ve pin.
  • General police directorate for the future provision of the firm in the cloud.

The V convening of the CNIS awards received 68 nominations of The 44 administrations. delivery of Prizes CNIS V (Opens in new window) was held at the second day of work of the national congress of Innovation and public services - CNIS. Fifteen categories and two special prizes highlighted the work carried out throughout the year by the different public administrations.

Among recipients, as better consolidated security project, is the platform cl@ve. The act of receiving the prize went responsible for the different agencies involved.

For more information on Cl@ve available:

  • Identity and electronic signature
  • Security
  • Infrastructure and common services
  • Centre for technology transfer