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New bulletin E-government indicators

25 september 2014


Has published a new bulletin OBSAE indicators with an update at the end of august 2014.

Bulletins issued by the Observatory of E-government (OBSAE) lead from the year 2011 disseminated quarterly indicators of E-government in Spain. The indicators presented are a compilation of some developed by others and other obtained by the Observatory.

It is available the new version of this newsletter updated with data until the end of august 2014. The newsletter is available in different formats: traditional PDFs in castilian and english, and furthermore formats and ODS XLSX indictable offences which are part of our policy RISP and that are available portal (Opens in new window)

Finally, we invite you to send us your suggestions and participate in the discussion on: How should we evolved OBSAE newsletter? through our participation forums. Only need to be a registered user of the PAe in order to participate.

Download the bulletin of indicators of E-government OBSAE of

  • Observatory of E-government