PAe - open university: opening of the academic information in spain
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Open university: opening of the academic information in spain

18 september 2014

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Aware of the potential of open data and interested in promoting the reuse of academic information, the spanish universities have been immersed in the culture open data providing open access your data and scientific results; opening participatory processes and even developing their own data portals.

Since the beta version of your platform in the Government of open and Opendata Sevilla in november 2012, the Universidad Pablo de Olavide has become a true national open university.

Included in the III The strategic Plan for 2014-2016 UPO (Opens in new window) the entity, submitted in february 2014 the final version of the portal, developed with the open source platform CKAN (Opens in new window) , which currently has eleven data sets in CSV format and RDF which are also accessible from datos.gob.es. Institution has created its own action plan on reuse of data (Plan RISP) (Opens in new window) , including guidelines for identifying, selecting, issue and maintain information can be reused as well as the conditions for re-use and procedures required for preparing the different data sets.

In april this year, University of Alicante launched its own channel (Opens in new window) , which, despite being only 5 months of life, already has 42 datasets. In Addition, the entity has launched its first ideas contest of open data applications in order to stimulate entrepreneurship and fulfil its commitment to transparency with the academic community.

The competition, open until september 30th, offers a prize of 800 euros for the winning idea and 4 accésits 300 euros for the best proposals that can use those sets of data published on or any other body of the entity that interesting open.

The two previous initiatives joined four portals much more: the beijing platform for the Pompeu Fabra (Opens in new window) , which provides the greatest possible number of datasets (55) of the national university and is part of the european alliance to advance the linked data, Linked Universities (Opens in new window) ; Universitat Jaume I in castellón (Opens in new window) in addition, that have an open data portal provides as follows in its statutes, which “ will encourage the use of open software formats in the internal and external communication, will develop and use of free software and to promote the dissemination of knowledge created by the university community ”; the university of Leon, the portal, has a display panel which offers information graphically and friendly and, finally, the University of Granada. (Opens in new window) that has been the last entity to publish its own portal of transparency.

The university fabric in spain is making steady progress towards the opening of the academic information. As support in your work, Sectoral commission on information and communication technologies of the conference of rectors of Spanish Universities (CRUE-TIC) (Opens in new window) published in june, a guide which lay the foundations for that academic entities to develop their policies open data and build an open university in Spain.

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