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Emprende en 3. Streamlining of procedures for the implementation of business

11 september 2014

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The Ministry of finance and public authorities, coordinates the platform “ Emprende en 3 ”, that its main aim is to facilitate the creation and modification of enterprises, improving, consolidating and linking services available within the government of Spain with the Regional Administrations and local levels.

The objective of Emprende en 3 is the reduction in the time limits for the development and initiation of activity of enterprises, through the consolidation of existing technology platforms, and organizing the licensing requirement established by the rules of implementation.

In this regard, Takes in 3 implements the mandate established by various state regulations, in particular, law 12/2012, of 26 december, urgent measures of trade liberalization and certain services, such as law 14/2013, of support for entrepreneurship and the most recent law 20/2013, of 9 december, guarantee the unity of the market.

Emprende en 3 integrates, likewise, with the single window established in the transposition of the services directive through law 17/2009, of 23 november, free access to services and their exercise, and Attention the entrepreneur (PAEs), under the law 14/2013, of 27 september, of support for entrepreneurship and internationalisation, established by the ministry of industry, energy and tourism in the system of Information and information centre Network of business creation (CIRCE) created by royal Decree No. 682/2003 of 7 june. Emprende en 3 reuses the Portal of local bodies of the state secretariat for public administration network and SARA from the public authorities.

Emprende en 3 is therefore an administrative collaboration project, which brings efforts and shared links with the efforts undertaken at the ministry of industry, energy and tourism, the ministry of economy and competitiveness, and the ministry of the chair.

Special mention is made of the participation of the autonomous communities in the platform, since much of them has regulated within the framework of its powers, the activity of retail trade in line with the law 12/2012, and in some cases, eliminating even more obstacles in their territories. It provides to the autonomous communities the possibility of connecting the platform with the procedures autonomist opening communication centres, and receipt of reports of use in their respective areas of competence (aggregated data of entrepreneurship, business in their municipalities, as well as other possible data requested by each community).

For its part, local entities may accede to the technology platform Emprende en 3 as approved by their government bodies, since that time, the complete pipeline of enterprise creation, through this system in all those local entities.

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