, which will facilitate citizens' relationship with public administrations, to be the gateway via the internet to public services. "/>

PAe - implementation of General access point,, gateway to public services
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Implementation of General access point,, gateway to public services

30 october 2014

On 29 october has started to operate the access point assembly, (Opens in new window) , which will facilitate citizens' relationship with public administrations, to be the gateway via the internet to public services.

  • Electronic procedures already accounted for 78 per cent of the total number of formalities of citizens with the General state administration.
  • The new General access point, in addition to facilitating access to the proceedings by electronic means, aimed at citizens, centralizes information offering assistance to entrepreneurs, encourages the participation of citizens a greater presence in social networks and provides greater availability of the mailboxes suggestions
  • It is prepared to incorporate the system of identification Cl@ve of citizens before the administration and to consult your notifications through Notific@

The point of Access is one of the measures taken by the commission for public administrative reform (CORA), with the goal of “ virtual ” Administration, so that citizens have a single entry point to access all information necessary to initiate, process and to conclude its administrative procedures to obtain the necessary data to interact with the administration, to meet their obligations and learn about their rights.

This step will start to the dispersion of the services of public administrations, so far in various portals, uniting all the information on procedures and General Access, is already possible to have a virtually Administration operational and open 24h a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Electronic procedure
Through e-government, citizens carried out in 2013 370,5 efiling million (76 per cent) compared to 117,7 million non-electronic procedures (24 per cent). In 2014, in the first semester, efiling joined 205 million (78.6 per cent) and 55.7 million non-electronic procedures (21.4 per cent).

Today, more than 4,300 procedures and public services that can be accessed electronically produce significant savings, only in 2013 savings exceeded 16,600 million euros, among other reasons, according to the standard model of costs awarded by the eu, because an electronic management produces an average cost of only 5 euros, compared to 80 euros for a person. a postal notification And costs eur 2.55, while electronic notification only costs €0.03.

New services in the access point General

  • The new portal, provide guidance to citizens in their dealings with public administrations, offering information and services available to them.
  • Provides aid to businesses and entrepreneurs, and channelled through the window Única services directive ( alternatives to the government provides for the creation of a company from the network.
  • Facilitates access to our catalog of administrative procedures of the General state administration and other public administrations, depending on the signing of agreements.
  • Encourages the citizens in the use of electronic workflow by facilitating access to electronic services through a classification and management by field from the perspective of the public.
  • Encourages the participation of citizens with an increase in the presence of social networks and suggestions boxes and opinion.

The access point will also include General citizen a folder which will incorporate, in its second phase, the following services:

  • Integration with the system of identification of the General state administration: Cl@ve .
  • Consultation of communications and notifications received through the platform NOTIFIC@.
  • The notifications by appearance before the electronic site general access point.

Moreover, this folder is prepared also to the extent that resources permit, check the status of processing, in this way, a true citizen folder.

Background and developments

As a prelude to the point of access is generally from 2006 portal ( (Opens in new window) ) which provides information on electronic services and activity and organization of the AAPP.

The access point General replaces cited portal and introduces the following ways:

  • Guidance to citizens in their relations with the government with events organized in aid/needs of citizens.
  • Contains guides for assistance in events involving a number of formalities and/or different administrations.
  • Allow access for all processes and procedures of the AGE with information on the same, documentation and access to form provides general information on the organization of public administrations.
  • Allows the use of mobile applications to help citizens (currently, form of offices and, in the near future, form of public employment and vocational training) available in the two main platforms (Android and iOS).
  • In the field of public employment, as well as subscriptions to convocatorias which can already be realized, will be made available at a future communications and notifications made by postal mail, through the platform Notific@; furthermore, it allows the notifications by testimony in the electronic site General access point.

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