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La Rioja se adhiere a la Oficina de Registro Virtual (ORVE)

21 november 2014


The ministry of finance and public authorities and the government of la Rioja sign the accession agreed ORVE, REC and SIR.

The secretary of State of Public Administrations, Antonio Beteta, and the minister of public administration and Finance, concepción Wrinkle, have signed an agreement today that The Rioja aligns itself with the Office of the Virtual record and, moreover, Common Electronic Registration (REC) and System of record linkage (SIR). Only the integration into the ORVE will involve approximately 75,000 annual records and a saving of over 300,000 euros a year with a full implementation of the project.

The agreement today in logroño will allow the residents of La Rioja can present their documentation in any of the more than 200 registration offices of the 174 municipalities of the autonomous community, reducing their costs and guaranteeing their immediate reception, thanks to the digitization and referral to the line, either Public administrations.

The signing of this convention will bring together over 200 offices, including The Rioja town halls, to the current network, which has more than 3,200 integrated offices in the system. This integration will involve the handling of some 1.6 million annual records through the platform and a potential saving of more than 6millones per year.

In this way, is achieved a significant reduction of cost, calculated in euros for a shipment, as well as time, both for the administration, and the citizen, as a document that took 16 days in moving to their duty station concerned now comes in just seconds.

Furthermore, today it has signed a protocol of understanding, which will allow electronic also provides access for citizens of the Rioja to a number of electronic systems, that is expected to continue the momentum on the sharing of various technological solutions e-government, launched in 2007:

  • Interadministrativa cooperation
  • Infrastructure and common services
  • Centre for technology transfer