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New technical note OBSAE. CORINTH · Interadministrativa Correspondence

18 november 2014

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Exchange of documentation between public administrations with full guarantees of receipt and non-repudiation.

The project CORINTO (Correspondence Interadministrativa) responds to the intention to strengthen the distances between various administrations eliminating the use of the role between them.

In this way, is conceived as a common service is ubiquitous in Full, electronics, communications between the different Public Administrations, Local -Entidades Autonomous Communities, and General Administration state action, through the portal infrastructure managed by the state secretariat for Public administrations.

The system provides the tools necessary to provide submissions by adequate guarantees of the receipt and non-repudiation of electronic documents registration and exchanged, as appropriate, through the electronic signature systems and integration with the Common Electronic Registration (REC).

You can consult the new technical note OBSAE: CORINTH for more information.

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