Its main integrates TTS services electronic nica with the solution n of Gateway IPv6 for administrations P offering curtains SARA Network, increasing as the availability of services p online public with the new Internet protocol. Integra sus principales servicios de Administración Electrónica con la solución de Gateway IPv6 para las Administraciones Públicas que ofrece Red SARA, aumentando así la disponibilidad de servicios públicos online con el nuevo protocolo de Internet.


PAe - the justice ministry updates its main web portals to be accessible in IPv6 using common services of SARA Network
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The justice ministry updates its main web portals to be accessible in IPv6 using common services of SARA Network

19 May 2014

Its main integrates E-government services with the solution of Gateway IPv6 for public administrations that offers SARA Network, thus increasing the availability of public services online with the new Internet protocol.

The ministry of finance and public administrations (MINHAP), through the General direction of Administrative Modernisation, procedures and momentum of E-government, is developing different initiatives to promote the transition to IPv6 in public administrations, according to the role given in the “ Development Plan for the incorporation of the protocol IPv6 in Spain (Opens in new window)

Among these initiatives, and to accelerate the availability of services of electronic administration accessible in IPv6, is offering MINHAP, through the network SARA, a common Gateway IPv6 to access through IPv6 to E-government, which allows to connect the current applications designed for IPv4 with the Internet IPv6.

Este servicio se apoya en la experiencia adquirida durante la realización de los distintos pilotos llevados a cabo para incorporar IPv6 en servicios de Administración Electrónica, como el portal 060, así como en la participación del MINHAP en el European project GEN6 (Opens in new window) for the deployment of IPv6 in digital services in the public sector.

With the integration of its services in the Gateway IPv6, including its website (Opens in new window) and electronic site (Opens in new window) the justice ministry becomes the first entity in making use of the solution, taking an important step to adapt to the Internet of the future, which IPv6 is an essential piece.

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