PAe - report on the development of e-government in the General state administration
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Report on the development of e-government in the General state administration

19 may 2014

The council of ministers has received a report from the minister of finance and Public Administrations on e-government in the General state administration, which reflects his significant development in recent years.

16 may 2014.- The council of ministers has received a report from the minister of finance and Public Administrations had submitted a report to the council of ministers on e-government in the General state administration, which reflects his significant development in recent years, through policy aspects, and the establishment, updating and use of public services accessible viewed by citizens and businesses, as exemplified by the privileged location that spain has in europe and the various awards and decorations obtained national and international.

The savings achieved by citizens and businesses during 2012 and 2013 for the use of electronic administration amounted to €3.149.593.438, which have been reported in the table below:

The report also highlights the advantages of electronic administration:

  • Open administration is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.
  • Accessible: administration of the open door permits its use from any location; home, office, hotel, holiday destination, etc.
  • Effective administration: Covers 8.117 municipalities, tears the digital divide that separates centre and periphery, and opens the door to the European union.
  • Lazy admin: electronic efforts took the fifteen days to reach your destination, are now made for just a few seconds.
  • Efficient administration: A postal notification and costs eur 2.55 an electronic notification, €0.03. Saving is 2.52 euros each.
  • Clean and green administration: by failing to use paper and not stored.
  • Safe administration: complies with the national security, certified by the Centre National Cryptologic (CCN)

More than 2,500 formalities and telematic services are currently available to citizens and businesses, more than 95 percent of the total. In addition, more than 40 million citizens have electronic certificate, mostly issued by certification services providers and public DNI-e Factory: national Currency and Timbre-Real Casa de la Moneda.

Any citizen can make today procedures or administrative procedures on the Internet, safely, quickly and without travel, generating substantial savings:

  • An electronic management costs five euros, while a regular process, including displacement, time, efforts, and so on costs 80 euros. The savings on each procedure is telematic 75 euros.
  • In the year 2013 the procedures initiated viewed by citizens and businesses with the General state administration were 370.415.613, more than 70 percent of total tramitations.

It is estimated that the minimum savings in 2013, from using the services of electronic administration, more than sixteen thousand million euros.


Secretary of State of public administration.

  • Reduce administrative burdens In 2013: 132 were revised regulations and in this chapter savings for citizens and businesses were 1.854 million and 2.246 million in 2013.
  • Brokering platform, which seeks to avoid the application to the citizens of the documentation which already has the administration in its power, as well as the reiteration of requests for documentation: savings for use by citizens and businesses were estimated at 125 million in 2012 and 152 million in 2013.
  • Beijing platform for electronic signature @firma automatically, in order to validate electronic signatures and dates: between 2012 and 2013 more than 212 million validations. They are seconded by six hundred agencies of all administrations.
  • Electronic notifications, changing administrative classic postal notifications: have come to 850,000 per month.
  • Record linkage of all the public authorities.
  • General point of entry of electronic invoices (FACe).
  • General access point to the General state administration; unification of mobile public attention.
  • Emprende en 3, to create a company in three days.
  • Information system.
  • Electronic system for the unity of the market, with exchange of information between public administrations.
  • Centralized management system of human resources.
  • Sara, telematics and secure network shared and Only for all Public administrations.

Other agencies of the ministry of finance and Public Administrations

  • Electronic certificates of the national Currency Factory and the bell, within the proceedings CORA, for the provision of certification services in all AGE; electronic cadastral certificates; communications of notaries and registrars who may be obliged to declare the citizen, and a free implementation of the cadastre

National tax administration agency

  • In PERSONAL INCOME has increased from twenty-one thousand taxpayers who testified on the internet in 1998 to more than 12 million in 2012; the PIN24H, a system of identification and authentication of electronic signatures, which may be used by individuals to interact electronically and there are already four billion registered taxpayers; also, the electronic submission mandatory for companies and professionals, telematic systems in place, such as the mandatory electronic notification, the social partnership or registration of apoderamientos.

Improvement in management of ict in the General state administration

  • Ministry of Presidency. The rationalization of the management of information and communication technologies (ICT) to promote an improvement in productivity and efficiency in public services is one of the strategic objectives: Savings CORA centralize contracts, 3.5 million euros for the planning and centralization of the purchase of computers in the entire administration, representing 28 percent discount on the autonomous management of cases; 13.5 million euros for the longer shelf life of PCs, and €3.4 million savings by the centralized purchasing in the performance of the main operating system of the General state administration.
  • Unique Network of communications. As for the centralization of recruitment for telecommunications in the General state administration, at an early stage unifying the more than 200 contracts of twelve ministries and agencies and a half, unification which will enter into force on 1 january 2015, with a budget for eur 280 million, calculated zero-based methodology.
  • Single System of electronic identity, to unify and identification systems through concerted key signature on a single platform

Ministry of education, culture and sport

  • The management of the ministry of education, culture and Sport is a fully electronic procedure (zero role). In 2013 responded to 1.1 million applications, more than seven million data exchange between public administrations and eight hundred thousand resolutions reported in the electronic, which has been a direct savings of eur 2.4 million.

Ministry of industry, energy and tourism

  • Entire implementation of the Ministry, essentially concerning aid grants and related procedures are the management of energy and telecommunications, is exclusively electronic annual management of several hundred thousand notifications and communications.

Ministry of employment and Social security

  • There were more than 15 million reports of working life and thirteen million procedures in the appointment of central services.
  • Único Portal of Employment: In an advanced development, will provide active employment policies and greater uniting the actions of General state administration and the autonomous communities. Portal: facilitates Mobility Outside support and guidance to the search for employment and entrepreneurship in other countries.
  • The new framework for engagement of citizens with Social security, which will take to minimize the need for the citizen should turn to the Social security offices.
  • Cret@: project of the treasury of Social security, which will monitor the management of contributions and benefits.
  • Youth Guarantee: will be implemented on a management system for the implementation in Spain of the european strategy for young people without jobs.

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