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HABILIT@ - registration approving officers

20 march 2014

The General Directorate of Administrative Procedures, and to foster E-government available to all the administrations HABILIT@ solution

With the entry into force of the HAP/7/2014, of 8 january, which regulates the registration of qualified staff for the identification and authentication of citizens in the field of the General state administration and its agencies linked or dependent, has been published documentation relating to the information system of the register.

The registration of qualified staff, established by article 16 of the royal decree 1671/2009, of 6 november, which develops partially law 11/2007 of 22 june, electronic access of citizens to public services, to take a staff member who is implemented by the administration to act on behalf of citizens who wish to act in electronic procedures of the AGE and who do not have the electronic signature.

It also enables you to incorporate those procedures, procedures or electronic services whose Bodies decide owners or managers for approving officers exercise on behalf of the citizen (natural person).

More information on the PTT HABILIT@

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