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Service catalogue of E-government DGMAPIAE

24 july 2014

The Catalogue of E-government services of the General directorate of Administrative Procedures, and encouraging the E-government (DGMAPIAE) aims to disseminate electronic services provided by this e-mail to both citizens and companies as to the AAPP in general.

Constitutes a reference guide to raise awareness and promote the use of electronic services and complies with a measure of Shares of axis Plan to improve the administration and Public service.

The services that are presented in the catalogue have been developed and are operating on the direction of DGMAPIAE.

Many of them have been made in collaboration with the ministerial departments represented on the standing committee of the high council of E-government.

Presents a total of 36 electronic services that are grouped into several categories depending on the structure of the service and the user. These categories are:

  • Common Infrastructure
  • Services for AAPPs
  • Services for citizens and companies

These services of E-government significantly helping to drive the development of E-government.

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  • Electronic services
  • Infrastructure and common services