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New citizen attention “ Your Social security ”

29 july 2014

This is a WEB portal of integrated services that provides information to the citizen according to your profile (age, active, pensioner …) and allows you to make the most common efforts in the scope of competences of the national institute of Social security.

Access to the new portal can be carried out from the electronic site or directly from https :// tu.seg-social.gob (Opens in new window) it is with a user name and password. To create it is imperative that the citizen is coming to an office of Social security in order to register, providing a mobile phone that will be necessary for certain services. Once registered, you'll get an activation code that will allow you to generate your password.

Thus, the user is able to access “ Your Social security ” (Opens in new window) with a personalized homepage where you can see an overview of their status of contributions, the time that remains for their retirement age was taken by show of hands and with which you can access It. You will also have information on their right and of its beneficiaries to healthcare.

This new channel citizen attention is a secure environment for the citizen creates its access keys and also to access certain services are also required additional validation by sending the SMS code single use.

Since “ Your Social security ” will be accessible to the various services. In a first phase will be possible:

  • Know the age of retirement predictable regular
  • Time remaining to be able to retire in the ordinary way
  • Information from non-contributory periods accredited for the purposes of benefits
  • Information on the pension and their amounts, as is the extraction of any certificate linked with the pension
  • Certificates of the condition that they do not pensioner
  • Audit of the recognition of the right to health care of the holder and their beneficiaries and obtain the document provides evidence of that right
  • Creation and modification of the password
  • The request of the European Health Card (TSE), which will be sent to any address provided and the procurement, if necessary, alternative interim certificate (CPS) of the TRIBUNAL
  • Obtaining the necessary form to have the right to health care delivery in those countries in europe requires a run-up of contributions

This will be expanded services in the coming months with a retirement simulator where they can be found in the date on which you can ask to retirement, amounts to a retirement date determined, to know the status of any request, make requests of retirement, maternity, paternity, widowhood …

“ Your Social security ” is a first step in the new model of care and comprehensive information to citizens through channel on-line, under the strategic Plan 2013-2015 INSS.

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