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CNIS awards @firma customer and the change of domicile

21 february 2014

The EUROPEAN COMMISSION'S Administrative modernization, procedures and momentum of E-government collected yesterday the prizes for their solutions in the national congress of Interoperability and safety.

Yesterday, 21 february 2014, delivery of prizes of Interoperability, security, E-government Collaborative and governments that served as a closure of the IV Congress of interoperability and safety - CNIS. On this occasion were honoured, among other things, two european solutions of Administrative Procedures, and encouraging the E-government:

Prize consolidated project in Interoperability in Central Administration

  • Change of domicile : Facilitating the life to the citizen
  • Ministry of finance and Public Administrations

Prize consolidated project in security in Central Administration

Their Professional Careers for their involvement and commitment to achieve a professional Intelligent Administration

  • María Ester Arizmendi Gutiérrez (director-General, Administrative procedures and momentum of E-government)

Full account of recipients (Opens in new window)

  • Interoperability
  • Security
  • Infrastructure and common services
  • Centre for technology transfer
  • Identity and electronic signature
  • Citizen