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Nearly 14,200 procedures to the government of Cantabria started by internet from 2012

26 february 2014

The regional government and the CEOE addressed this tuesday, developments in the e-administración and catalog for simplification of formalities.

A total of 14.288 requests, submissions and communications to the government of Cantabria have been submitted since 2012 in the Electronic Register autonomous community.
Since then been overcome, the 400,000 documents and certificates records generated an autonomous governments by the government of Cantabria, avoiding duplication of documentation and saving on enterprises and citizens the accreditation of that information with which already have various administrations.


In a communication, the regional government has expressed its intention to further increase this number through a new impetus "" to e-administration and the simplification of more red tape, in order to reduce costs and generate savings for citizens and businesses.
The government intends to count on the views and collaboration of agents and entities involved, and improve performance.
To this end, shall maintain a new meeting next tuesday cántabra with employers, which addressed the progress and analysed initiatives to accelerate the time of the administrative files, capable of promoting social and economic areas.
This will be the main thrust of the second meeting that will lead the president of Cantabria, Ignacio Diego, and the president of the employers CEOE, Gema Díaz, within the monthly meetings which committed to maintaining the two parties to define the lines of action and realize projects that contribute to advancing the business sector, to develop the industrial fabric and job creation.
During the workshop will be analysed in the list of processes in which it has proceeded to the simplification of formalities affecting economic activity by enterprises cántabras, as well as other proposals and measures relating to technological and documentary.


In 2012, the regional government initiated a way for the reduction of red tape and e-administración development, through two decrees that regulate, on the one hand, electronic communications and electronic and documentary, simplification of administrative procedures.

Both tools have helped to promote proceedings on-line, more than 7,000 annually. In fact, all the procedures of the Home Rule Authority, approximately 700, can be started already in electronic form, through the use of digital signature.
In the field of administrative simplification, important actions to avoid duplication of documentation. The government of Cantabria no longer prompts to nationals and the submission of that documentation already on file with the various public services, such as the DNI, data of the declaration of income, unemployment benefits, among others.

Through a new computer network and enables the interconnection of the different state or regional administrations, the regional executive appropriate certificates obtained previously required to provide the citizens and businesses.
Since its inception in 2012, this new service has saved the presentation of 401.434 certificates and documents of this kind, of whom 282,000 during the year 2013.

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