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Starts the management of notifications through Notific@

19th december 2014

The system of administrative centralization of notifications on paper, Notific@, sender about 20,000 notifications of the spanish fund Agrarian Guarantee (FEGA)

Notific@ consists of a hub of issuance of communications and notifications in a common format, which acts as an intermediary to printing AEAT for printing, kern, and referral. Notific@ emerges as a response to the implementation of the measure, CORA "Concentration of the management, production, printing and distribution of notifications and communications outlets in print centres and with Optimal dimension kern", a product of collaboration between the DTIC and the National tax administration agency (AEAT) for printing, kern and warehouse.
Notific@ acts as an intercom system of different types of notifications or communications. The different bodies, either using a web application specifically or through an integration in their own applications using web services, can make requests for communications and notifications through Notific@. Received petitions, They are organized and become calls to the services provided by the TAXES for the management of communications and notifications. The AEAT inform Notific@ the result (form) and certification (on or acknowledgement) and, finally Notific@ communicated by the web application, or through web services, the agency the outcome of the same.

With nearly 20,000 notifications of the spanish fund Agrarian Guarantee (FEGA), has begun the operating phase of this system. this provides for the early entry into operation of other agencies, which have yet to sign the accession to the administrative framework governing the services offered by Notific@. These services are at the moment, kern printing and centralized delivery notifications and communications management role.

On 1 january next year enters into force of the contract 07/14 of the General Directorate of rationalization and Centralization of recruitment for the centralized provision of postal services. The contract, awarded to the post office, simplifies integration of agencies within the system Notific@ as not to be necessary to enhance their individual contracts with the service provider.

More information in the resolution Notific@

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