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PAe - presented papers at the workshop of "uses of Open Data for innovation and Efficiency"
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Presented papers at the workshop of "uses of Open Data for innovation and Efficiency"

15 april 2014

New deadline for submission of papers: 22 april 2014. The workshop is organized by the thematic network of the european Union Share-PSI 2.0 (Opens in new window)

The event is organized by the aegean university on the island of Samos (Greece), in conjunction with the fifth summit of government on ict which will take place between 30 june and 1 july 2014.

The presentations, as a maximum of five pages, a combination of efforts to make available to the public sector information and analyse its impact. The deadline for submission is 22 april 2014.

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  • The use of open access by the administrations for innovation and efficiency to show the value of open data in the public sector.
  • The improved delivery of public services.
  • Examples of the use of open data for policy development.
  • Visionary Ideas on the use of open data in society and political models.
  • New approaches to the treatment of public sector information and its implementation.
  • Open data and citizen participation in information collection: crowdsourcing.
  • The feedback loop of open data: communication among the organizations that publish data and data users.
  • The collaboration between different communities.

To learn more about re-use of public Sector information:

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  • Open government