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The agency AEVAL, evaluation and quality, published the report of the perception of quality of public services

09 april 2014

In this report examines, inter alia, the perception of citizens with regard to the electronic administration, its satisfaction and preference in the channels of use.

With the title "quality of public services in times of austerity" the agency for assessment and quality (AEVAL) has just published the report on the perception of the quality of public services in Spain for the data collected during 2013.

This document deals with the analysis of the perception of spaniards on different policies and public services and its evolution in recent years. In particular, in this year of austerity, examines the importance that the citizens attach to public services and the degree of satisfaction with a wide range of sectoral policies and services.

Like other years are also examined in detail the views and habits of citizens in relation to public services administrative in nature and with the electronic administration. Finally, with the aim of proposing improvements, are detailed, attitudes of citizenship to the major programme of complaints and suggestions.

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