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ORVE allows progress in the ‘ Administration without papers ’ in the canary islands.

27 may 2013

The Office of the Virtual record (ORVE) integrates all levels of administration in the canary islands: 188 records of the community, 88 municipalities and its 7 cabildos.

The secretary of State of Public Administrations, Antonio Beteta, has signed a cooperation agreement with the autonomous community of the canary islands to introduce in the Office of the Virtual Record (ORVE), a new step in the ‘ Administration without papers', which makes the integration of all levels of administration in the autonomous community of The Canary Islands: the 186 records of the community, 88 Municipalities of the territory and its 7 Cabildos.

The canary islands, which becomes the second region in acceding to the project, following the community of Madrid, achieved savings of 2.434.575 per year, in transit and manipulation of the role in this community, since it abolishes the physical relocation of the documentation, in the notion of 16 days on average, and is replaced with the telematic exchange files, which are used only 16 seconds.

Other references: Canarias save 2.5 billion in the Virtual Record (Opens in new window) (Opens in new window)

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