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17 may 2013

To mark the international day of the information society, which occurs every 17 may, by decision of the united nations General assembly, the association of users of -Internet prizes every year.

These awards are intended to recognize those initiatives, persons or organizations that was highlighted during the year prior to delivery, in the proper use of the Internet and new technologies in their respective categories.

In 2013, and within the category administrations, the project (Opens in new window) has obtained the first prize. It is thus recognized the role of this initiative in its work on promoting the public sector at the opening of data, and the promotion of reutilization by enterprises and citizens.

The project (Opens in new window) launched in november 2011 as a joint initiative of the ministry of finance and public administrations, the Ministry of industry, energy and tourism and the public agency Business registrar (Opens in new window) .

Initiatives such as (Opens in new window) are considered key to securing the provision of the data held by the public sector, and which in turn enable them to develop important improvements in the lives of citizens and in the business fabric of the country.

Since its inception, the project has contributed to positioning Spain in the second position in the ranking of countries of the european commission according to their reuse information of the pubic sector, as presented data published last april by the platform ePSI (Opens in new window) . Similarly, another international recognition has been their selection as finalist of the awards for innovation 2013 of the european Union (Opens in new window) between 204 they were presented.

The project surveys reflect the effort which the community (Opens in new window) it constantly making, in addition to be an incentive for all participants in the project (citizens, enterprises and public administrations) to continue to work towards enrich a project that joins the rest of initiatives undertaken by member states in the area of innovation associated with the opening of data on the public sector and reuse.

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