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The council of Ciudad Real presents a strategic Plan to boost Electronic administration.

20 february 2013

The president of the council, Nemesio Lara, has presented, on 19 february, the new strategic Plan management 2013/2014 recently enacted by the plenary of the provincial institution.

This action is driving key tools for the use of telematics by citizens and entities wishing to complete any type of administrative action; provides for 10 strategic objectives and operational goals 27 87 proceedings.

It has given Lara, who accompanied by the vice-president Antonio Rodríguez, has indicated that it intends to incorporate criteria of excellence and tend to the fulfilment of the objective "zero role". He said that the Council of Ciudad Real is a leader in the national context in this area, hence, the national government has requested her presence in Madrid to explain the experience. Sure, as said, that over the years the institution you are running will be mentioned when someone is remembering the pioneers of the introduction of e-government in Spain.

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