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Adopted the strategy of National Cybersecurity

10 december 2013

The national security council chaired by the president of the government, Mariano Rajoy, adopted at its meeting on 5 december, the National Cybersecurity strategy.

The National Cybersecurity strategy responds to the growing need to preserve the security of cyberspace for its tremendous impact on issues affecting national security, as well as the competitiveness of our economy and, in general, progress and prosperity of our society.

The Strategy defines the environment of cyberspace, sets out principles, objectives and lines of action for the achievement of national cybersecurity, and defines the framework for coordinating cybersecurity.

You can download the National Cybersecurity strategy (Opens in new window) since the site of the Moncloa.

The work, coordinated by the department of national security of the presidency of the government, they are the result of a process involving various ministries and agencies. These documents set the strategic direction for the coordinated and effective Public Administrations in two areas that are of critical importance for national security.

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