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The list of data reaches over 1,000 data set

26 august 2013

The list of data of reaches over 1,000 datasets catalogued and published with the aim of being utilized by third parties.

Post more than 1,000 dataset has been possible thanks to the commitment undertaken since the various public administrations for reuse of public information, and in response to requests received from the business and citizens. Through the demands made has been added to the form and content of data sets with greater impact and topical sued, which has helped the government to realize the publication of the first data sets.
The story of the list of data of starts in october 2011. In responses to the Royal Decree 1495/2011, of 24 october, which develops law 37/2007 of 16 november, on re-use of public sector information, on the field of public sector, are published proposals data set public sector described according to the technical standard of Interoperability of Reuse of information resources. In september 2012 starts support RISP in support of the joint publication of data and compliance with the RD 1495/2011, which accelerates the publication of data sets in the catalogue.

Over the 2013, in addition to the General state administration, published in the catalogue other administrations such as the city of Zaragoza and the city of Gijón.

The enrichment of the catalogue has also been boosted by the possibility of massive publication sets of data through the tool of russian catalogs. Thanks to this functionality is possible to automate the burden as the updating of data.
Overcoming 1,000 rows to team an important achievement, encourages the state party to continue to support governments in their interest in the publication of data quality, as well as for the implementation of various initiatives that encourage the unstoppable trend at the opening of public information and reuse.


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