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Increases the use of electronic administration.

18 october 2012

44.7 Per cent of the population has interacted with public administrations via the Internet (5.6 points higher than the previous year). 59.4 per cent of Internet users in the last year declared having obtained information on the websites of the administration, 41.0 per cent claim forms have downloaded and 32.2 per cent addressed completed forms.

Of 12.4 million Internet users of the past 12 months had need to submit forms to the public administrations, 35.7 per cent did not use The Internet for this purpose.
The main reasons given by this group were: no electronic signature or certificate (25.1 per cent), because it through the Internet someone on her behalf - a manager, a tax advisor, a relative or a known - (24.3 per cent) and the lack of skills or knowledge (21.1 per cent).

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