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G-InSiDe you generate documents and electronic files through SARA Network

29 november 2012

The service G-InSiDe (Generator Inside), available for public services through the network SARA.

The service G-InSide (Opens in new window) (Generator InsiDe), available for public administrations through SARA network in the url (Opens in new window) allows the generation of electronic documents and electronic records in accordance with the National Interoperability through an appropriate form that allows the compulsory minimum metadata; as a result the XML files of electronic document and electronic brief.

G-InSiDe allows complete compulsory minimum metadata of the document or electronic record, attach document or official concerned, collecting the signatures of a load, or signature on the client, generating XML files that can be stored in repositories of each entity, with the assurance that meet the technical standards for interoperability.

G-InSiDe is one more element of the product "father", InSide , which is the abstraction through web services of any documentary manager who meets the CMIS standards for document management of Electronic records and documents, as specified in the technical standards for interoperability .

InSiDe provides functionality for consumption through web services, either through the use of forms on web pages, that allow the generation of an XML file of documents and electronic records as specified in the technical interoperability of the National Scheme for interoperability.

The main elements of InSide are:

  • Operations on electronic Files: High, Changes of state, Versioned, securing Contents, generation of electronic signatures, electronic seals, etc.
  • Operations: electronic documents registration, signing versioned, modifications, etc.
  • Operations: Consultation On metadata, versions of documents.
  • Viewer InSide.
  • Bus, signature and generation of CSV or PDF (e-utils).

More information on InSide in the Centre for technology transfer .

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