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Compatibility with recent operating systems of electronic Signature @firma

26 november 2012

Compatibility with recent operating systems of electronic Signature @firma

Please be advised that it is not possible to the use of a client of signature in Internet Explorer 10 on Windows 8 with the interface "Modern UI" (also known as METRO, type tablet touch -), as such not interface allows the execution of Java Applets. If you want to use the client of signature in Windows Systems 8 should be conducted through the desktop interface "" classic.

In addition, it is not possible to use the Windows Client @firma RT (tablets).

We inform that Apple has discontinued the Applets in your version of Java for Mac OS X (through updating 2012-006 from 16/october/2012) and currently it is necessary to use the information provided by Oracle (Java 7). It has been established that this setting does not allow for proper implementation of the customer of signature, since the Java runtime environment Oracle for Mac OS X lacks certain features of access to key warehouses that it incorporated the own Apple. We Hope that new versions of Java Oracle 7 resolved soon these inconsistencies in the MAC OS X or power from the project to provide alternative forms to function properly. Meanwhile, will not be possible to use Mac OS X with @Firma client .

Further information, cliente@firma

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