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Some 30 behind municipalities now have electronic headquarters.

30 november 2012

The last to be incorporated were Zarzuela del Monte and Chañe, and would shortly be awarded 15 other websites.

The president of the council, Francisco vázquez, accompanied by the mayors of Chañe, Dionisio García, and of Zarzuela del Monte, Mariano Mesonero, as well as by the member for Territorial Action, José Luis Sanz Merino, has presented the new electronic headquarters.

As explained by Vázquez de, « has maintained a dedication and continuing effort to maximize the introduction of mechanisms and tools that enable electronic access of citizens to public services'. Indeed, through the project eSegovia Digital Province, with an investment of €893.250, in collaboration with the ministry of industry, commerce and tourism and the board, is conducting a roll-out of e-government in the municipalities of the province, 'to allow people to interact electronically with their local councils', indicated Vázquez.

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