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New version of the libraries SCSP 3.2.1

08 march 2012

The ministry of finance and Public Administrations released version 3.2.2 of the libraries of the tool of replacement of paper-based Certificates (SCSP) has since been released and is available for download.

This new version Incorporates many developments, including:

  • Adds the option to generate a PDF document signed with the data of the response in the petitions.
  • Now, you can see the demands made by a user of the thin client. Allows the recovery of a request through its idpetición.
  • Adds the possibility of sending requests isochronous in thin client through a template excel, allowing you to send 500 petitions by batch.
  • It updates income service from V2 V3.
  • Problems are settled crowded coating.

You can access the download through the download Área initiative SCSP

  • Centre for technology transfer