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The government of La Rioja regulates the communications and electronic notifications in the public sector riojano

17 december 2012

The government of La Rioja has adopted in governing council of a decree to regulate electronic notifications and communications with citizens, as well as communications between the various organs and units of the public sector of the autonomous community of La Rioja and with other administrations.

As explained by the minister of Public Administrations, concepción Wrinkle, the adoption of this normative framework "represents a turning point on the organizational system, an important step towards paperless office".

This decree will help to improve the internal functioning of public administrations, increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of the same through the use of information technologies and promoting the simplification of administrative procedures.

Similarly, recognizes citizens' right to a relationship with the government services by electronic means and provides that communications between administrations is conducted preferably by such means. This seeks to move towards paperless communication among administrations.

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