The publication of the new version n 3.2 of the client signing @firma


PAe - a new customer @firma 3.2
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A new customer @firma 3.2

30 may 2011


The publication of the new version 3.2 of the client signing @firma


In the Portal of E-government ( (Opens in new window) ) can find the deployment of the new version of the client while in the Forja-CTT (http:// forge can find the source code and documentation.

Among its news highlights the inclusion of an environment checker that installs the necessary components to bring the Java runtime environment with the client @firma. It has cleared the way of deployment with local installation of Java code and its associated features. The new version of the customer of signature is compatible with the Opera browser.

For more information on or any detail, please consult the documentation which you can find on project in the Client @Firma Forja-CTT (forge

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