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Signature v3.1 client in Firefox 4

30 march 2011

Mozilla has recently released the new version of Firefox web browser 4 which causes anomalies in the implementation of the customer of Signature v3.1, specifically in access to the warehouse certificates.

The problem has been detected in a library DLL, specifically the library “ sqlite3.dll ”, associated with that access to the certificate, so that in this new version of Mozilla Firefox this library does not exist and instead appears the library “ mozsqlite3.dll ”.

We hope to make available as soon as possible a new version of the customer of Signature to settle this incompatibility. Meanwhile, and as a temporary solution, it is recommended that carry out any of the following actions:

  • Download the book “ sqlite3.dll ” of the website of Sqlite (“ (Opens in new window) “) and copy it directly in the path of Mozilla Firefox 4 (for example: “ (C:\ program files\ Mozilla Firefox ”)
  • Copy the library “ sqlite3.dll ” of an old installation of Mozilla Firefox on the path for the new Mozilla Firefox 4.
  • Copy the library “ mozsqlite3.dll ” of the route for the new Mozilla Firefox 4 in this route and rename this copy to “ sqlite3.dll "

More information about this initiative @firma client

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