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Report of the information society in Spain 2010. Fundación telefónica.

12 january 2011

Submission of the report "the information society in Spain" of fundación telefónica.

The report desataca chapter on "the e-administración of Spain are among the world's best" that 2010 spain has reached a privileged position in relation to the development of e-administración. It reveals a report recently issued by the ONU34. Spain reaches the 9th position at the global level (the 5th of europe), above the situation of other most economically developed countries like france, japan or germany (in 2008 were in the top 20). This study considered various issues such as online services, infrastructure and human capital. Moreover, in regard to the e-participación Spain as 3rd just behind South korea and Australia, and above the rest of administering having improved 31 posts since the year 2008.

Spain ranks ninth place e-administración world and the third in e-participación according to the classification of the un.

  • Electronic services
  • Observatory of E-government