Nuevas funcionalidades - SVN y Listas de Distribución

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25 octubre 2010

La Forja de desarrollo del CTT pone a disposición de todos sus usuarios dos nuevas funcionalidades

The CTT makes available to all users and projects using two new functionalities particularly suitable for collaborative development projects or / and for projects with a large number of users.

  • Subversion - SVN. It is a product of free software that enables management of the source code. it allows work collaboratively in the development of the application using this repository common.
  • Mailing lists. It allows an email address _ which can be multiple users so that any shipment that list is distributed among all its users signed. With this tool you can keep informed of developments to different audiences and create groups of collaboration or help around a project, etc.

Any project may request the use of these new functionalities. Have been updated every user manuals of CTT to contemplate the use of these new functionalities. You Can download them as registered users from the Download area of the project CTT.