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Road and E-Mail Address Edictal Board sanctions.

26 November 2010

La Dirección Electrónica Vial y el Tablón Edictal de Sanciones facilitan al ciudadano su comunicación con la administración.

Has come into operation the E-Mail Vial (DEV), compulsory for businesses owners of vehicles and voluntary for citizens, so that replaces the postal address of notifications for the electronic address.
Postal notifications that cannot be delivered at home will appear in the Board sanctions Edictal traffic (TESTRA) instead of official bulletins provinces as far.
Know the existence of a punitive procedure is paramount to perform the necessary action.
The entry into operation of these new telematic tools comes compañada a comprehensive information campaign with the objective to explain to
drivers new changes of the law.
Additional information: Orden INT/3022/2010, de 23 de noviembre, BOE de 25 de noviembre (Opens in new window) , which regulates the slideshow sanctions Edictal traffic.

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