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The European Commission launches the public consultation eIDAS

11 October 2019

The European Commission is conducting, until the next 25 October, a public consultation on the road map of electronic transactions safe (eIDAS).

The aim of the public consultation (Opens in new window) is to determine how applies the regulation eIDAS (on services of confidence in the domestic market) in member countries of the HAT.

eIDAS aims secure electronic transactions in Europe, and has the support of the building blocks eID, eSignature and eDelivery Connecting Europe Facility (CEF).

eIDAS has led to the establishment of standards for secure digital interactions with tools such as electronic signatures, stamps, timestamps, delivery services and certificates of authentication of websites. The regulation has also given to certain electronic signatures the same legal position that traditional signatures on paper.

Secure electronic transactions are important for the future of Europe and the single digital market. Ensure profitable operations of the public sector and increase the competitiveness of our businesses in the current digital climate.

Feedback from the public consultation will be used to evaluate the effectiveness, efficiency, relevance, coherence and added value of regulation. The results will be detailed in a document, which may include recommendations related to the approach, technology or a new legislative proposal.

In addition to the public consultation, evaluation will also include input from questionnaires and interviews with key stakeholders, as well as a documentary research on a wide range of publicly available sources.

The public consultation takes place in the fourth quarter of 2019 and closes on 25 October 2019 (midnight, All time). then, the committee will take recommendations in the second quarter of 2020.

The programme CEF and benefits of eIDAS

The implementation of the framework eIDAS throughout Europa is supported by the program committee CEF. CEF provides funds in the form of subsidies and support services for their digital building blocks, with the following building blocks targeting eIDAS:

  1. The EID CEF (Opens in new window) Building Block is for service providers in the public and private sector identify electronically to consumers (citizens, businesses, customers, public authorities, etc.) from other European countries. This is done via the mutual recognition of national schemes of electronic identification (eID), as defined in the regulation eIDAS.
  2. ESignature CEF (Opens in new window) helps public administrations and companies to create and verify electronic signatures in accordance with the regulations eIDAS. The standard defined facilitate mutual recognition and interoperability of electronic signatures, improving confidence and efficiency in cross-border interactions.
  3. EDelivery CEF (Opens in new window) offers specifications, sample and software support services to configure an infrastructure of recorded delivery service for the exchange of data and documents. This component is compatible with eIDAS to improve the safety and reliability in the electronic delivery services.

Through the site CEF Digital, you can get more information about the basic components of CEF and how they are helping eIDAS and many other initiatives to achieve their goals.

  1. Digital CEF (Opens in new window)
  2. Connecting success stories of Europa


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