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ELISA, the new tool CCN-CERT cibervigilancia of

11 november 2019


ELISA allows track and interpretation of what happens in cyberspace for digital prospective, improving the capabilities of cibervigilancia.

The CCN-CERT (Opens in new window) centre National Cryptologic (CCN), has developed a new cibervigilancia tool: ELISA (Opens in new window) simplified, open sources. This solution with the aim to establish preventive bookmarks, indicators of presence and constituent characteristics in order to identify, in a warning, consensual and based on evidence, the new threats to cyberspace.

Access to the tool will be made only to registered users in the portal del CCN-CERT that, under request, upon request, to justify the use of such a solution.

ELISA to facilitate the monitoring of open sources, as well as the means and entities of social networks. He counts on a standardized database for the exchange of information and data through indicators of mistrust. this way, the tool contributes to improving the capacities of allowing cibervigilancia, track and interpretation of what happens in cyberspace, and to make digital prospective.

ELISA joins the rest of their own solutions to monitor the NCC, CARMEN (Opens in new window) , CLAUDIA (Opens in new window) and REYES (Opens in new window) , whose mission is to facilitate the monitoring work of the environment for the detection of threats.

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