PAe - new operations in web services in the cloud
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New operations in web services in the cloud

25 march 2019

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New version of Inside, the system for managing and sharing of documents and files in format ENI, provided by the secretariat-General for administration Digital

The main feature of the new version, is the improvement in the definition of the web services in the Cloud. The possibility of sending, in the header, nu optional parameter, indicating the code DIR3 implementation sender. In this way, various applications senders can share the same client certificate, used in the securización as web services in the cloud.

It also provides the possibility of downloading proof of access to records by reference in the cloud. For that reason, a new operation obtenerResguardoAuditoriaAcceso. It receives a parameter that is the id of the file. The result is obtained, it is the proof with Base64 .pdf extension.

You can get more information on the section of the implementation in the cst .

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