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PAe - Challenge Brings 2019: 42 new ideas to push the food industry, forestry and rural open using data
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Challenge Brings 2019: 42 new ideas to push the food industry, forestry and rural open using data

03 June 2019

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La primera fase del Desafío Aporta 2019 ha llegado a su fin. El 23 de mayo terminó el plazo para que los equipos participantes presentarán sus ideas para mejorar la eficiencia del sector agroalimentario, forestal y rural. Ahora serán valoradas por un jurado integrado por expertos en la materia.

42 original ideas seek to pass to the final

Durante 6 semanas - del 9 de abril al 23 de mayo - los participantes han ido presentando sus propuestas para la primera fase del Desafío. En esta primera fase solo era necesario proporcionar una descripción detallada de una idea original, donde se utilizara al menos un conjunto de datos generado por las Administraciones Públicas nacionales o internacionales y publicado bajo licencia abierta.

The result has been 42 proposals of great quality, fruit of the work of private citizens (45% of the proposals) and multidisciplinary teams (55% of proposals) that have launched their creativity to search for innovative solutions to the challenge proposed. Although most proposals come from Spain, also participated teams since Austria or United Kingdom.

The solutions provided shows a great variety area. There are many ways to boost efficiency in the agri-food sector, forestry and rural development, from improving crop management, to promote the settlement active rural environment. This know very well participants in the Challenge, which have proposed solutions to optimize irrigation, reducing energy consumption, prevent flooding, boosting rural tourism or encourage entrepreneurship in rural areas, especially in the areas facing demographic challenge greater. In addition, many of the solutions combine data open with new technologies such as artificial intelligence, laser scanners (HYPERSPECTRAL), the use of drones or blockchain.

Include 38% of proposals is presented by women or by teams that have any women among its members. While there is increasing women involved in the world of data, these data show that there is still work to do to achieve real equality.

A jury of first level to select the finalists

Todas las propuestas recibidas serán valoradas por un jurado experto, integrado por representantes de diversas asociaciones y organismos:

  • Aleida Warden, ministry of Territorial Policy and Public function.
  • Savior Luis Soriano, ministry of industry, trade and tourism.
  • Maite Ambrós, ministry of agriculture, fisheries and food.
  • José Ignacio Sánchez, Red.es.
  • Pink gallant, Indicators university.
  • Associació Ibáñez, board of Catillano and Lion.
  • José Nuño, Spanish Federation of Municipalities and Provinces.
  • José Luis Miguel of Diego, coordinator of organisations of farmers and herders.
  • Martin Álvarez, World Wide Web Consortium.
  • Paula Sánchez, association of electronics companies, information technology, telecommunications and Digital content.
  • PDG Quirós, multisectoral partnership information.

Each member of the jury assigned a value from 0 to 10 points to each of proposals received. Aspects to value will be the relevance or originality of the idea, its quality and clarity, its viability and its impact, both economically and socially as boosting improvements in the quality of life of women and / or young people in rural areas.

10 finalists will fight for the 4,000 prize of €

After the valuation, 10 proposals will move to the second phase, which will begin during the month of July.

En esta segunda fase los equipos finalistas tendrán que desarrollar un prototipo, que podrá ser una simulación, visualización, vídeo o solución multimedia. El plazo para presentar el prototipo será de 4 meses. El Desafío Aporta culminará en el Encuentro Aporta.

All finalists will have to defend again its proposal before the jury, which shall designate the three awardees. The winner will receive €4,000, while the second and third finalist will receive €3,000 and 2,000 €respectively.

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