PAe - The Twitter account Portal E-government, @ obsae has reached 10,000 followers
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The Twitter account Portal E-government, @ obsae has reached 10,000 followers

30 july 2019

Logo @ OBSAE

Since the year 2011 the profile of Twitter @ obsae are broadcast news, events, solutions, indicators, reports and many other content On E-government.

The Portal of E-government (PAe) aims to boost e-government in Spain. And among many other courses of action, the dissemination of the state of eadministración both domestic (state, regional and local levels) and international levels (mainly European Union and oecd) and its indicators and salient initiatives is one of our priorities.

To that end, the PAe uses a range of channels of communication and outreach, as our Newsletter , you can monitor via e-mail all our news and which is circulated to more than 22,000 subscribers, or Twitter account @ OBSAE (Opens in new window) reporting on events and news published in the PAe, in addition to many other external content referred to.

There are many people who rely on us and in the quality of our content, as well as the speed with which we intend to make them available to all of our fans. And they – of vosotros- speaking; we want precisely because we are already 10,000.

Since the birth of @ OBSAE (Opens in new window) in july 2011, we have lived in first person launching new services as cl@ve , FACe , SIR , INSIDE , ARCHIVE , notific@ , citizen folder (Opens in new window) , etc... also have accompanied their growth and consolidation to critical services such as Brokering platform of data and @firma . We have shared in direct and transparent manner all our use of electronic services DATAOBSAE (Opens in new window) We Have disseminated. national reports (QUEEN, FALLS, IRIA) e international (DESI, benchmark, UNPAN survey, etc.). And of course we have lived in first line legislative progress: Laws 39 and 40 , transparency act (Opens in new window) , ICT RD organization AGE and the creation of SGAD, RD 1112/2018 , etc. that we have been encouraged to continue and to improve and to position ourselves as one of the more advanced countries digital in public services (4Th in europe according to the twelfth world DESI, according to the un).

Thank you all for your trust and loyalty over recent years. For participating, for helping us and for us to get where we are. Because one thing is certain: without you, nothing would have been possible.

And a further 10,000 looking ahead, to continue to learn and to further improve together … and announce soon 15,000.

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