- PAe Twitter account Portal E-government, @ obsae, reaches the 10,000 FOLLOWERS
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Twitter account Portal E-government, @ obsae, reaches the 10,000 FOLLOWERS

30 July 2019

Logo @ OBSAE

Since the year 2011 the profile of Twitter @ obsae are broadcast news, events, solutions, indicators, reports and many other contents On E-government.

The Portal E-government (PAe) aims to the momentum of electronic administration in spain. And among many other lines of action, dissemination of the state of the national eadministración (state, regional and local) and international (mainly European Union and OCDE) and their indicators and most prominent is one of our priorities.

For this, the PAe uses several channels of disclosure and communication, as our Newsletter , which allows further email all our news and which is distributed to more than 22,000 subscribers, or Twitter account @ OBSAE (Opens in new window) , que informa de noticias y eventos publicados en el PAe, además de otros muchos contenidos externos a los que se hace mención.

There are many people who rely on us and in the quality of our content, as well as the immediacy with which we try to make them available to all our supporters. And of them – vosotros- want precisely speak; because we are already 10,000.

Since the birth of @ OBSAE (Opens in new window)  en julio de 2011, hemos vivido en primera persona el lanzamiento de nuevos servicios como cl@ve , Front , SIR , INSIDE , ARCHIVE , notific@ , citizen folder (Opens in new window) , etc... We also accompanied their growth and consolidation to critical services such as Brokerage platform data and @firma . We shared live and transparently all our indicators of use of electronic services in DATAOBSAE (Opens in new window) We Have released. national reports (Queen, falls, IRIA) and international (DESI, benchmark, encuesta UNPAN, etc.). Y por supuesto hemos vivido en primera línea los avances legislativos: Laws 39 and 40 , transparent law (Opens in new window) , "organization TIC AGE and the creation of the SGAD, "1112/2018 , etc. que nos han animado a avanzar y mejorar y a posicionarnos como uno de los most advanced countries in digital public services (4º in Europa as DESI, twelfth global according to the ONU).

Thank you all for your trust and loyalty along these years. For participating, for helping us and send us to where we are. Because one thing is certain: without you, nothing would have been possible.

Y una vez superados los 10.000 hay que seguir mirando hacia adelante, seguir aprendiendo y  seguir mejorando juntos… y anunciar pronto los 15.000.

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