PAe - open the second convocation of Telecom 2019-2020 EFC programme
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Open the second convocation of Telecom 2019-2020 EFC programme

23 july 2019

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The deadline for nominations be extended until 4 november 2019.

The european commission, through the Executive Agency for innovation and networks (INEA), and according to the Programme of work of THE FSB 2019-2020 Telecom (Opens in new window) , has opened the deadline for the second of four calls for financing of the year 2019. Financing will be spread among digital infrastructure Open data (5 million), Cybersecurity (10 million), eHealth (5 million), eProcurement (3 million), European e-Justice (3 million) and the new european platform of Digital Skills and employment (1 million).

For all DSIs except the new european platform of Digital Skills and employment, is offered to co-75 per cent of total costs, as was done for the first call for THE FSB Telecom 2019-2020. The duration of projects varies according to the service of digital infrastructure: since the year and a half ( eProcurement ), two years ( European e-Justice ), three years ( Public Open Data , Cybersecurity , European platform of Digital Skills and employment) and two to four years (eHealth).

With regard to the call for projects of Open Data shall be regarded as the deployment of innovative services make use of data, static or in real time, provided in the open data portals (as datos.gob.es). In addition, it considered those projects aimed at improving the deployment of open data infrastructure in member states, to facilitate the harmonization and interoperability of data from various administrations.

Furthermore, the european platform of Digital Skills and employment is one of the innovations of the agenda OF THE EFC Telecom 2019-2020 and upgrade the training of european citizens in digital skills basic and advanced features, because, according to estimates by the commission, 40% of european companies find it difficult to find professionals with digital skills required. This call is open only to national coalitions that are part of the Digital Coalition Digital Skills and employment.

The convening of cybersecurity seeks to limit the political and economic impact of the incidents of cybersecurity through better alignment with the directive NIS and the improvement of the operational capabilities of the main stakeholders under this Directive.

With regard to eHealth it seeks to continue with technical development of national contact points for eHealth with the aim of improving the exchange of data of an electronic prescription and medical care.

In addition, the convening of eProcurement it is aligned with the procurement directives of 2014. Activities will continue funded to date with respect to eCertis , ESDP , ETendering and the registration of contracts. Asimisimo, this year will be earmarked for three new activities.

Finally, the convening of European e-Justice covers the connection of the member states to the european Portal e-Justice .

The conditions for the submission of candidatures are available in the programme of work 2019-2020 and INEA website (Opens in new window) .


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