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New Attendee JOINUP licensing

11 July 2019

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The Wizard Joinup licenses (JLA) allows the copyright owners quickly identify appropriate licences to distribute your software or your data.

The new Joinup Licensing Assistant (JLA) (Opens in new window) it is a new service offered by the portal JOINUP of the European commission and supplementing and improves the “ licence wizard (Opens in new window) ”  previamente existente. Ambos proveen guía y ayuda para encontrar la licencia más apropiada a la hora de liberar y distribuir un software.

Moreover, they also complement or help prior to use the legal support (Opens in new window) al respecto del licenciamiento ofrecido por JOINUP en el contexto Europeo.

Joinup Licensing Assistant offers a common tool which will include until 348 licenses, better categorization compared with existing tools, direct links to each license in the list of SPDX (Software Package Data Exchange) and updated information of each license.

Thanks to the use of SPDX (Opens in new window) (una iniciativa de la Fundación LINUX que intenta estandarizar la forma en que las organizaciones se refieren a las licencias de software), cada licencia se identifica con un nombre completo (como, por ejemplo " Public license of the European Union 1.2 (Opens in new window) "and a shorter:" EUPL-1.2 (Opens in new window) ").

Finally, - and with the aim of facilitating further the búsqueda- should stress that licences can be retrieved depending on the selection of the license terms of users.
The services offered by JOINUP (Opens in new window) are the perfect complement at European level of the proceedings at the national level of the center of technology transfer. Have at their disposal the Guide of publication Asset and discharge prepared within the scope of the National Schema of interoperability and in collaboration with Specifically provides the consultation service (Opens in new window) a través del cual las AAPP podrán formular cuestiones relacionadas con software libre y el licenciamiento de sus soluciones.

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